Saturday, November 26, 2011


 One of the ways in which I hope to promote and preserve the sacred traditions of my southern ancestors as well as the extraordinary art of conjuring is to publish the publication which is most dear to my heart, Southern Fried Hoodoo MagaZine.  My aim is to offer informative, useful and entertaining articles and interviews for those interested in southern folk traditions and practical folk magick.  I also like to share other forms of media which contains what I call “Southern Gothic” entertainment.  This includes various forms of Folk Art, Blues Music, Steampunk, Southern Horror movies and other audio-visual creations of this nature. Just imagine Rob Zombie and Captain Spaulding meets the Skeleton Key, True Blood, Carnivale, and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  Also other publications and writers who produce things along these lines will be featured in future Issues.  The Premiere Issue contains a Tribute to one of the greatest conjure men and spiritual healers of all time, the one and the only, the famed and fabled "Dr. Jim Jordan." Here you will find some extremely rare pictures of his personal belongings and effects, (including his famous crystal ball/skrying globe) the area where he operated his business (Jordon's Corner) as well as the place where he was laid to rest. 

The above pic shows Dr. Jordon's actual Crystal Ball which he used for Divination.
These were taken from the many trips I have made to his hometown, meetings I have had with people from his family, and townsfolk who knew him or of him, not to mention the Memorial honoring him at the local Museum.  

 The first issue contains Interviews by Doc Corbeaux a great modern day Conjure Man from Arkansas who I know personally and have had the great opportunity to work with on many occasions as well.  He is a great contributor to the Zine as well as an inspiration for various topics. He is interviewed and also contributes two articles, one on Cemetery Work in Hoodoo and another one titled “Mr. Devil.” Then we have a great writer and all around Renaissance/Outdoorsman Roger Pinckney from South Carolina.  He’s the author of "Blue Roots: African American Folk Magic of the Gullah People" and "Reefer Moon."  

Then Baynard Woods, from Maryland joined us to talk about his new book “Coffin Point.”   The great Blues musician and author Brother Dege Legg from New Orleans tells us about some cool experiences, talks about his book “The Battle Hymn of the Good ol Hillbilly Zatan Boys” and shares with us a list ov his musical masterpieces.  Then we feature the band “Southern Gothic Revival” interviewing them and reviewing their new Album "Skull Rings and Whiskey." Witchdoctor Utu joins us with his wit, charm and witchdoctorin’ wisdom in a very informative Interview.  He also talks about his group the “Dragon Ritual Drummers.”  I do a little practical project and show everyone how to make Rose Water, the base of many Hoodoo products, spiritual washes and waters.  Then last but not least Carolina Gonzalez from Spain is interviewed along with an ad for her Hoodoo Shop which carries high quality materials for Conjurers and Spiritual Workers from all over the world.


Just got Southern Fried Hoodoo. Doc Chaote interviews me and the great Roger Pinckney Xi. Always happy to be in such company. Great job Doc. –Baynard Woods

I was invited to participate in the first issue of the SFH Magazine and I am very glad I jumped in, because I have enjoyed it immensely! In the era of Photoshop, it is so easy for zines to show just beautiful design and so little useful contant - this is not what you will find on SFH Magazine! It is full of information from the first page to the last; the content is original, interesting and varied while keeping a cohesive theme through all the issue. Not only I recommend it - I love it!!! Thanks to you for putting out such awesome publications!!!  -Carolina Gonzalez, House Of Eleggua


Having released the first issue of the groundbreaking publication known as Metal, Magick and Mythos, can Wiill Lovelaw produce a second publication that equals it for content, information and enthusiasm? The first issue of his zine Southern Fried Hoodoo resonates with the same kind of inspiration that generated the zine he devoted to extreme metal, the occult and ancient folk tales that opened one’s eyes to unique talents from underground scenes the world over along with arcane and forbidden knowledge. While following the guidelines of MMM, SFH is the result of Lovelaw’s self-education in Voodoo and Hoodoo from the southern U.S. and abroad in which he became an independent practitioner under the name Doc Chaote. Reades of MMM who were most intrigued in the occult legends he uncovered will want to acquire a copy of this as it contains valuable information about southern and Cajun music heavily influenced by voodoo religions as well as informative articles about obscure personalities possessing much wisdom on the subject. There are articles about the first American witch doctors and conjurers as well as a host of articles focusing on places of power in voodoo and hoodoo rites. The zine likewise includes a piece from Doc Chaote instructing the reader about how to create your own materials for employment in your own personal rites if you choose to follow a similar path. Southern Fried Hoodoo is more than a worthy successor to Metal, Magick and Mythos and highly recommended. -Dave Wolff

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  1. I came across a candle that I have had for many many years. at the top is says Southern Fried Hoodoo the there is a picture with a wolf wearing a hat around that is says Doc Coyote's Carolina Conjure. I guess what I need to know is does this already have a purpose or can I use it for any purpose I want?