Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Doc Coyote provides many services, some mentioned here and some not.
You may contact me via email to inquire about Services or Prices at:

Generally I conduct Readings via the Divinitory Practice of Cartomancy. 

When it comes to Counseling or Conjuring I aim to fix whatever the problem and then some.  
It's my job to find out if someone has Crossed you or not.  The next step is I find out who the person is who has done the Crossing.  Then I find the Spell and Destroy it!  Then I Cure the Client.  The last step is optional and up to the Client... that is... we turn the Spell back on the Crosser and make it work against the perpetrator.

*And of course I have to state that any and all products or services provided are for Novelty and Curios purposes only.       I make no medical claims nor do I prescribe any form of medication to Clients or otherwise.                                                          Any and all products which are suggested or provided are for EXTERNAL use only.

I'm Doc Coyote and I approved this message.    


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