Friday, December 16, 2011

Fabulous Feedback! Riveting Review! An Understanding Heart tells all!

 I just received the most beautiful review for Southern Fried Hoodoo MagaZine...  Feedback like this is such a breath of fresh air and moments like these make all the labor seem so worthwhile.  What really spoke to me was not just the humbling praise which she so graciously bestowed upon us but I thought to myself, "It really goes to show that beauty indeed dwells within the eye of the beholder and that we really do get out of something what we put into it." 

Ka Seeker is obviously one of those souls which contains far more depth than the average.  And this so vividly apparent as we observe her outlook and perspective. So fresh and so full of potential... and what's so amazing is that this from the reading of a simple tome like SFH Zine, she was able to internally capture a vast landscape of experiential knowledge and then share that vision by way of a heart-felt Review. 

I knew from the outset that some people would briskly read through the Zine and then just simply place it in the basket beside the T.V. with the rest of their recent publications.  But I also knew that there would be some who would come to realize the underlying message behind the message (which is the heart of occultism in and of itself) and gather jewels which are buried within the spiritual walls of the Zine as well as use it as a catalyst to gather treasures which are unearthed from our own hearts and minds as the ideas within the Zine make way. 

I could go on and on... for this really sparked something within me... But for now I will just say Thank you so much Kasey for honoring us with your Readership and with such a wonderful testimonial... It's one thing to get this type of feedback from any Reader but especially coming from you this means so, so much.   Without further ado I now present to you a wonderful recap and review of Southern Fried Hoodoo:

If you're the type of folk that wouldn't bat a eyelash at Barnes & Noble's New age section, instead heading over to the dustiest bookstore in town in hopes of finding those spiral-bound gems, then Southern Fried Hoodoo may be for you! With SFH you get that handmade raw juju back into your life with inspiring firsthand interviews, field guides, and recipes straight from Doc Coyote and friends. Each article has a lot of juicy meat, keeping the reader's head churning for days. Hoodoo goes back to its "roots", literally and figuratively, to DIY (Do it Yourself) from scratch. Dig your own roots: research the history of your town, cultivate and prepare your own witchy tinctures, and don't be afraid to question the literature that's out there on let's say, the Hoodoo Devil for example. Why not speak with that devil yourself?

SFH is the first magazine of its kind that covers the blend of European and African folk magic. Only a few others across the globe are beginning to release such literature. I feel fortunate and blessed to connect to so many other practitioners who are putting in writing what has mostly been an oral-tradition. DC stays true to telling it like it is, without having to list a collection of third-hand incantations. Collecting and cataloging old facts has its merits, but reading in between the lines - the process of living this Hoodoo life - is what comes across to me well from the Doc.

As promised, SFH magazine also works well as an energized talisman on your altar space or carried with you. The book brought me a feeling of protection and grounding, simply as an object. I could feel the love that went into each varied article. I could feel how well Doc lives out his practice daily. Therefore to me, the magazine casts away stale-stagnant energies even by a glance of the cover. If you need a personal object of power to get into gear, to go achieve the dreams of your soul, then I would recommend it!

My favorite article was "The Bone Garden; The Bone Cemetery in Hoodoo" by Dr. Corbeaux, which answered some essential questions I've been pondering, about how to get started on respectfully working with the many powers and spirits of the graveyard. I was raised being told the graveyard was a private space that could only be visited by those in mourning. I wondered how to properly seek permission from the graveyard-folk to enter, if the style of graveyard work had any limitations on subject-matter, and how I would see myself in the context of the this work considering my usual style as a bright forest-faerie. I was livid when I learned I could work with the trees or animals within the gates, and not only the ancestors that rest there. I was amazed at the variety of archetypes that could be found in a graveyard - lovers, children, historical legacies, the spiritual guardians of these people, etc. Ahh, it was as if my memory were flooding back to me like a refreshing pool of spring water!! More puzzle pieces of my greater context as a human were being revealed.

Not only Hoodoo practitioners, but anyone may gleam some inspiration from SFH, as there are also personal interviews and on-site research on topics of music bands, art-crafts, or history people places and relics! I enjoyed DC's interviews with musicians, having never noticed how closely the ritual energies of bands are actually magickal operations! I also enjoyed his coverage of Hoodoo visual arts and curios, like Carolina Gonzalez's amazing Hoodoo Shop, (which is actually how I found out about this magazine. I have been following her artwork.) It is so nice to see all facets of Hoodoo in one place. Looking forward to even more ritual curiosities.

Thank you Southern Friend Hoodoo; Doc Coyote's Carolina Conjure for inspiring me and confirming me on my path. I am pleased to own this collector's item of conjure!!

Best Regards,
Kasey "Kaseeker" Robinsong

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