Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The Following Review was just released in the new Issue (#19) of Dave Wolff's AEA Zine out of New York.  Southern Gothic Revival was featured in the Premiere Issue of Southern Fried Hoodoo MagaZine this past year.


Review Haiku:
Hoodoo Voodoo Rock
Southern Gothic Revival
Hailz to S.G.R!

I am a huge fan of all things Southern Gothic and that goes for this band as well.            I'm always searching for things which have that dark, gothic, primitive, Southern feel, whether it be art, music, movies, books, etc. It’s great to see a project who knows how to pull together various aspects of Gothic Southern Culture and share it with the world by way of music and other forms of artistic media.
There are certain things I look for when critiquing music… It’s like viewing a diamond, seeing all the different aspects which make up the whole stone… the musician, the band, the musical composition, the overall sound, synchronicity, appearance, stage performance, etc. Some are shiny but have dark spots and flaws… bottom line… some are genuine… and some are as phony as a three dollar bill ya’ll.
So what’s my overall impression of SGR? Well, I see this multi-faceted diamond as the real Mc Coy… as being genuine... true blue, bono fide, Blues… Hoodoo Rock performed with flair and style with a great deal of originality and ingenuity that surpasses much of what is being passed off these days as Blues Rock or Jazz.
I stated in their Interview that their name, “Southern Gothic Revival” really personifies and describes their overall concept and feel rather well. There is a certain ambiance, a certain sound which resonates from this project that’s not pretentious or strained. It all seems to be very organic, like it’s simply a natural outgrowth stemming from their rich musical frame of reference.
One thing that really grabbed my attention and impressed me about SGR from the very beginning was their excellence in maintaining a consistent sound. Now, let me explain, lest you think I mean that all their stuff sounds the same… because it doesn’t. (For that’s a huge pet peeve of mine and I show no mercy when calling that spade a spade).
What I mean is this… they keep a diverse sound between tracks yet never lose their signature sound… and that’s not an easy task. You know how it is when you listen to a CD and you feel like it could be a mix tape yet it’s the same freakin’ band?! Well you won’t find that problem with their albums.
You’ve got to check out their videos too… the videos which accompany their music are not only very cool but also very befitting, in keeping with that whole dark, Southern, gothic atmosphere. Now, why am I making a big deal out of this musical continuity when I could be speaking in more specific terms about the great vocals, guitars, keyboards and percussions or the individual song content, etc?
Well, it’s the overall concept and sound that really grabbed me when I first began listening to SGR and it’s that conceptual sound and consistency that keeps me coming back for more!
If you are a fan of Southern style Gothic Hoodoo Rock and Blues and have a penchant for the deeper, darker side of artistic expression, then this band comes highly recommended. -Doc Coyote

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